Our Story

Dida is in its journey to build a culture of “Being Active”, wherein through its Sportswear apparels, people are inspired to live an Active and Healthy life, full of freedom & excitement. Dida is not about what you wear on your body, but how you dress the Spirit that says "NEVER GIVE UP".

DIDA has been in the business of creating Olympic class(yes, we have dressed them too) highly functional, comfortable, and aesthetically appealing pieces of activewear for more than a decade. We started at a time in 2011, when the Indian consumer did not have much choice, and struggled to get what he needed for his ACTIVE NEEDS. Even after 10 years, we can see that you are looking for something better for yourself, and we decided to go online for you. From garnering 3 MILLION buyers worldwide to running an in-house team of Designers, Fabric experts, R&D, and Production in the high turnover sports industry, we did it slowly and steadily. And we still aspire to run in this race or rather a marathon. In fact, we co-sponsored and dressed up the Indian Olympic Team at London in 2012, shared brand + kitting partnerships with the Pune Football Team, Jaipur Pink Panthers &, Punery Paltans of the Kabaddi League, Jaipur Ninjas Wrestling League, etc.

Deepak K Juneja

Dida was born 10 years ago from humble beginnings in the small town of Rohtak, Haryana. Dida is the brainchild of Mr. Deepak K Juneja (aka DJ) who strived to provide affordable yet quality sportswear to every Indian who loves staying fit and active. Born and brought up in Haryana, a state that powers India’s sports engine, he always saw a burgeoning gap between activewear users and their need for high quality performance wear. Despite minimal resources, he materialised his vision and received enormous support from distributors across India, bringing a revolution in the Indian sportswear industry that was highly unorganised at the time. Deepak’s vision and zeal for making active wear comfortable, luxurious & affordable pushed him to join hands with his brilliant Co-founders who fueled DIDA with their expertise and wisdom. For Deepak Dida is not merely a company but his passion.

Chetan Agarwal

Next in our co-founder hall of fame is Mr. Chetan Agarwal (aka CA). He is probably the most super-intelligent person among all our co-founders. Over the last 17 years he has been enabling the Activewear industry in India through his fabric solutions at Positex Pvt. Ltd. Name a sports brand and we bet he has been associated and helped them shine - Adidas,Kappa,Performax,USPA, Allen Solly, Benetton, Proline and of course, DIDA to name a few. These experiences have fired up his neurons enough to run and monitor all segments of DIDA.In fact, he has authored a book too. The name itself will ring curious bells in your head - "Sportswear is not about Pyjamas". Importance of wearing a piece of functional sportswear is no less than a Skydivers suit or a Space Suit- he explains the same in his book.

Living an active life is the only science behind living happier and longer. So, as we continue to reach out to more like you, we want you to know that our desire to see you live a better life is what kindles the fire in our bellies. Our only commitment is to encourage you to live an active lifestyle and our time-tested, premium, high-quality, functional, and modestly- priced movement wear is our way of helping you with the same. Like they say, if you are happy when you're moving, we clap our hands - that's our goal.

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