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Didasports.com is an online shopping-verse of high-quality comfortable sportswear. As the digital retail platform of brand DIDA, the website has a merchandise spread of over 1000+ styles of activewear and accessories. Every garment is designed keeping in view the current need of the generation to stay constantly on the go. The outfits hence are resilient, durable, stretchable, airy, and comfortable. Our primary focus lies in helping the people who live an active lifestyle. As a result, the price of every piece of sportswear has been optimized to suit a reasonable buying budget. ...

There are three segments of products that come under our umbrella – T-shirts, lowers and tracksuits. The variety of color, sleeve cut and fabric diversity in T-shirts runs into hundreds. There is ample scope for choice among the tees which are available in shades as high as 10 in number. You can choose collared tees, round/crew neck tees or high neck ones. The sleeve cut varies between none to full ones with finger holes – some of them raglan sleeved to let air circulate better. One can opt for a loose-fit football jersey-style sweat-wicking T-shirt or a collared polo. Taking into account the difference in the design of activewear needed for different professional sports, our T-shirts are named according to the sports/activity they are primarily designed for. This makes it easier for you to find them. We have played with different materials to ascertain the texture as best suited for the need. Ranging from poly-spandex thin fabrics to eco-friendly hybrid materials, there’s a lot to discover. All lowers have a coolant fabric to induce faster sweat evaporation and control body heat. We sewed them without show panels since they often reduce the aesthetic and comfort quotient of the outfit. You can pick from a plethora of shorts, track pants, and joggers. Within this classification lies another subdivision. For example, we have shorts for your cycling regimens, one for you to wear and laze around, one to enable leg function in football matches, and a few for weather-specific needs too. There are scores of features in each lower to boost its multifariousness. Air mesh pockets, illusory reflectors, strong seams, hidden pockets, and thigh slits are only a bunch among the many other amenities each lower comes with. With so many pants to choose between, we are sure you will be spoilt for choice. Tracksuit sets cater to the craver of sync. Compatible uppers and lowers that enhance the performance of the mover have two great benefits. One, they reduce the stress of finding the right match to a T-shirt/bottom because they are paired already. Two, it’s not just the colors but also the functionality that stays in sync.

Our core goal is to encourage you in living an active lifestyle. When you stay active and you are moving, our dreams are fulfilled, one by one. With DIDA, we hope to see the advent of a better lifestyle that promotes stronger body care ethics in each one of us. Come. Join the MOVELUTION.

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